In Home Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to a pet is never easy.

 Euthanasia and end of life care is very special to our team. We take a great pride in this part of our service for being able to provide a peaceful, calm and family-focused experience for the pet and the pet parents. The last moments of our pets’ lives are important because that is the memory we carry for many years ahead and we strive to make it exceptional in every way possible from the moment we get contacted by the owners to long after we have said our final

They are part of our family that we love and cherish. Sometimes illness or age could diminish our pet’s quality of life tremendously and it is our responsibility as a pet parent to help. It is always a difficult decision but it is also one made with careful consideration and love. As veterinarians here at VetMoment we are privileged and honored to help owners explore all the options and help their beloved pets leave this earth with peace, dignity and respect, surrounded by the people they love. We provide this care to the communities of Franklin, Brentwood, Thompson Station, Spring Hill, Leiper's Fork, South Nashville and the greater Williamson County area.


Initial phone consultation 


VetMoment House Call Veterinarian will first discuss your concerns and together we will determine whether euthanasia is appropriate at this time or we should consider diagnostics and treatment first. In many cases simple, effective and affordable treatment and support could be advised in which case we will set up a time for full exam where we will make specific suggestions on what would be the best approach. If we decide to proceed with euthanasia we will discuss all the options , cost and the procedure in advance and make a plan specific for your pet. Click here to contact us


At at the day of the appointment 


We will first answer all of your questions, explain the procedure and what to expect and examine your pet. Then we will give a sedative to your pet. It is a quick injection with tiny needle much like a flu shot. That will make him relaxed and sleepy in the next 5-10 minutes. Once the pet is deeply asleep we will administer additional anesthetic if needed followed by a final injection of euthanasia solution through a small IV catheter. That will cause their heart to also fall asleep and stop. While the medications takes effect you could notice some muscle twitching , small , random breaths or/and emptying of the bladder. All these are expected conditions and they are normal. We will confirm when the pet had passed and will give you a personal time alone.




After the euthanasia, some people elect to bury their pet at their home property, while others elect cremation, with or without the return of ashes. If aftercare is requested we will respectfully transport your pet to a local crematory facility. We understand the significance of this last steps for your beloved animals. As we have experienced it ourselves we will ensure that at any point of this process your pet is treated as it is our own.