How to prepare for your house call visit



We strive to ensure stress-free visit for the pet and its owner. The following are few things you should do before we arrive at your home..


pawprint Prepare all previous medical records.

pawprint If possible delay feeding your pet until after the visit to increase the pet’s interest of treats during the medical exam.

pawprint Confine your cat into an enclosed area , ideally basement , screened porch, bathroom or other small room with less furniture without beds or couches. These allow for a number of places for your pet to hide. We would encourage them to be kept in a crate ahead of time. If they are too stressed by being confined to a crate then a bathroom or small room would fit best.
**Ask about using Feliway products to aid in decreasing stress/anxiety.

pawprint Prepare our patients by placing their harness and leash on and ensure that they are awaiting our arrival inside your home. If your dog requires muzzle we have those available. In case your pet is territorial, aggressive or experiences anxiety when strangers are in the house, please let us know at the time you are scheduling your appointment.

pawprint Fewer people present in the home and a quieter environment is important for an easy and relaxed visit.

pawprint Each pet is unique. Please, let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions related to your pet that would make him feel most comfortable during the exam.


cat and dog on couch

cat with medication