In loving memory of

the pets who transformed our lives


This is Karina - she was MY heart dog!
I adopted her when only 6 weeks old and we went together through vet school and beyond. She inspired me to become a compassionate veterinarian and human and taught me everything about how REAL and strong human-animal bond could be. Karina gave my family 16 amazing years full of joy, love and heartfelt memories and she was the reason why VetMoment was born.

-Simeona J.



This sweet baby is Samson. He was one of a kind for his bother Bobo, for his parents Donna and Todd and for me. He was always polite, cuddly and had a “funny” and adorable “smile”. I was always looking forward to see him at his annual vet visits and spend time with him and his amazing family. We all had such an amazing memories with him but most importantly he left his family knowing they gave each other many wonderful years of love and friendship. He will always be in our hearts. 

- Dr. J


“Samson was an adventurous pup. He “left his mark” in 18 different states traveling with his parents. He loved running on the beach as much as he loved making trails in snow. Somehow, he always knew it was Saturday, which meant accompanying Dad to the dump and home improvement store. He was adored by his little brother, Bobo. “Little dude, Stinky, Sammie, Sweet Pea” – all fitting nicknames for the best dog ever.”

- Donna and Todd F.

This is Bleck and Lily! Their Mom and Dad adopted them together from an animal shelter right after they moved to America from Europe. They became their very first friends here in Nashville.
After 16 years we had to say goodbye to both of them at the same time. It was a difficult  for everyone but the memories and the love for them remain in our hearts forever.

-Dr. J




Maya was our first pet as a family. We adopted her the same year we got married. Aaron rescued her from a troubled family in California. She made the move to Nashville with us flying under the airplane seat.  When it was time to say goodbye, after 15 years together, we couldn’t have trusted anyone more than Dr.J for making that transition less painful. Dr.J gave Maya a few extra weeks of life so that we could get used to the idea. She put her at ease in her final moments. Our daughter’s new cat, Kitty, is now also a patient of Dr. J’s.

-Anna and Aaron S.


This is Pete. I met him at a small animal hospital I was working at along with his brother Crocker and his family. He stole my heart immediately and never let go. I miss you, buddy!

- Dr. J

"Pete brought so much joy into our lives! He entertained us, loved us and licked us to death until the end. We miss him every day!"

- Julie C.